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Job Announcement: Half-Time Assistant for Digital Society Research

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

The Research Assistant (RA) will perform a variety of research duties and administrative tasks related to research on digital society and inequality by assisting a sociologist in the OSC at Sciences Po in Paris. Tasks to support the research may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Conduct literature searches
  • Organize and recruit for interviews
  • Assist with conducting interviews
  • Code interview data
  • Create and visualize descriptive statistics
  • Maintain accurate records of interviews, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary
  • Translate social media data and other content from French to English
  • Prepare research ethics applications and reports
  • Collect and analyze descriptive data
  • Summarize project results and prepare progress reports
  • Assist with the preparation of scholarly reports, presentations and articles
  • Organize public reporting of research including web, talks, travel logistics, etc.
  • Prepare, maintain, and update website materials related to the research
  • Manage and respond to project related email
  • Attend seminars and meetings as necessary

Qualifications Required

  • Attention to detail, as well as managing the big picture
  • Bilingual in French and English
  • Ability to work independently and a self-starter
  • Willingness to “manage up”: communicating the project’s priorities and seeking feedback, anticipating the next steps needed, and ability to offer well-rounded help on a complex project
  • Experience with collaborations and working in teams
  • Willingness to learn and expand technical details
  • Sophisticated online search skills

Qualifications Preferred

  • Comfort working with and structuring messy digitized data, and translating digitized data to different formats (e.g., raw text, json, xml, csv files)
  • Knowledge of text encoding and decoding (the machine kind, not the xml kind)
  • Some knowledge of data and visualizations
  • Data analysis: qualitative and/­or quantitative

Applicants should have either be in a master’s program or have completed one. Doctoral students also encouraged to apply. To apply, please submit a cover letter, CV, writing sample, and the contact information of three professional references as soon as possible to The position starts as soon as the position is filled. CDD (18 hours/week) for at least a year.

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