7 Myths of the Digital Divide

Check out my guest blog post at Cyborgology on the 7 Myths of the Digital Divide. I have heard so often from pundits, colleagues and, well, the Internet, that either digital inequality doesn’t matter or it’s over, so I decided to write this post based on the most common tropes that I hear (p.s. class matters):

1. The digital divide is so over that it’s passé

2. The digital divide is a divide

3. The digital divide is NIMBY (Not In My BackYard)

4. It’s just the old farts that aren’t using the Internet

5. I heard that African-Americans blog and tweet more than whites.

6. But aren’t people from marginalized communities “leapfrogging” over desktops, laptops and even tablets by using their mobile phones?

7. You, Jen Schradie, are dystopian and are just seeing the glass half empty.

Check out the blog post to read how these are, indeed, myths.



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